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Data ist easy to come by these days. But data alone isn´t enough. You need to turn mere information into deep, integrated insights. Only then can you successfully manage your markets and seize new opportunities. 

  • How can you bring all your data under one roof for maximum clarity?
  • How do you spot important trends and relationships in your data?
  • How can you get more from your data by analyzing it geographically?
From information to insights

What we do
Our geodata answers these questions in two ways: First, our regionalized market data delivers penetrating insights on your markets, target groups and potential, for all industries and markets, worldwide. And second, our global cartographic boundary data—in the form of digital maps of regions, municipalities, postcodes, etc.—offers a structure for analyzing, aggregating and cross-referencing all data with a geographic component. By seeing how your data interrelates, you can translate information into real insights.

How you benefit
Your data comes to life when you display and analyze it on our worldwide digital maps. Previously unseen trends and patterns leap into sharp focus. And that's just the beginning. You get even deeper insights by adding region-sensitive GfK data on your market, industry and target group.

Connecting your data geographically lets you analyze and improve your business in a new way. Compare your turnover to the available potential in all your market regions. Evaluate the efficiency of your sales networks. Or drill down at the local level to analyze retail locations and their surroundings. And pinpoint local target groups for your offering.

Why choose us?
Our industry-leading digital maps and market data give you deep-reaching, integrated insights into your markets, worldwide:

  • Detailed cartographic coverage: We offer the largest collection of postcode and administrative maps on the market. Our maps are up-to-date, error-free and digitized by our own team of in-house cartographers.
  • Latest market insights: Drawing on 75 years of market research experience, we deliver data on purchasing power, socio-demographics, business potential, retail turnover, consumer typologies and more. We also calculate data for your specific products and markets.
  • Seamless fit between all geodata: Our maps and market data fit together perfectly, without any gaps or overlaps. This lets you plan reliably across multiple market areas and regional levels.