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CRESTA zones 2019 now available

CRESTA 2019 
now available!

Turn risk information into useable insights with GfK's 
CRESTA zones. CRESTA maps 2019 are now available.

CRESTA zones

The CRESTA map edition depicts worldwide zones of elevated natural disaster risks as determined by CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardizing Target Accumulations). Created in collaboration with Munich Re and Swiss Re, CRESTA zones give users in the insurance and risk management industries a consistent, unified, and global basis for calculating, aggregating, and communicating risk information. As such, the zones are a widely accepted standard in industry.

Our CRESTA map edition contains the official HighRes and LowRes zones for every continent, and all zones are labelled with their official CRESTA ID.

The maps are based on geographic coordinates (WGS 84), provide comprehensive coverage, and feature layers that fit together seamlessly.

Ordering options for CRESTA zones

GfK's CRESTA zone maps can be ordered in all standard geodata formats and in the following combinations:

  • worldwide HighRes and LowRes CRESTA zones, including Assignment Tables; also available in combination with the GfK World Map Edition
  • new Assignment Tables available, now with percentage allocation by area shares – compare different CRESTA vintages or CRESTA and postcode or administrative boundaries more precisely
  • also available for single countries or continents
  • also available in combination with GfK regionalized market data such as inhabitants or purchasing power

For more information on availability, click here. You can also download a sample and order.