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Europe Edition 2018

Europe Edition 2018/2019

Updated geodata for all of Europe in GfK quality

Up-to-date, precise geodata is essential for all spatial analyses, whether carried out in geomarketing software, GIS, BI solutions or other database applications. Take your analyses to the next level thanks to the quality of our data:

Europe Map Edition: Latest changes to Europe’s administrative and postcode boundaries

With thousands of changes to Europe’s regions, the digital maps of GfK's Europe Map Edition render the current administrative and postcode boundaries for 42 European countries. In combination with geomarketing software or business intelligent systems, the maps offer a reliable basis for location-related analyses for companies from all industries.

Find out which countries had the most comprehensive changes...

Purchasing Power Europe: Europeans have around €355 more per person in 2018

According to our current study “GfK Purchasing Power Europe”, Europeans have an average of €14,292 per person available for spending and saving in 2018. However, disposable net income among the 42 studied countries varies substantially: Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland have the highest average purchasing power, while Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine have the lowest.

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Compendium: Purchasing Power Europe 2018

Take a look at our compendium and check out the distribution of purchasing power across the 42 studied countries in Europe.

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