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Studie Einzelhandel Europa 2019

GfK study
"European retail in 2019"

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Should I stay or should I go? The Brits answered this question originally posed by the Clash with a "go" in 2016. But almost three years after the Referendum on the EU withdrawal, it turns out that there are various possibilities for what this "go" could mean. These include a so-called "no-deal Brexit," Theresa May's long-negotiated withdrawal agreement and a customs union.

Critics of Brexit are calling for another Referendum on the final Brexit deal, with the explicit aim of having the public vote again on whether to stay in the EU.

The political uncertainty surrounding this historical event makes it impossible at the time of the editorial deadline to predict whether and when the United Kingdom will leave the EU. But there is no doubt that the outcome of the Brexit Drama will have a major impact on the development of retail in the United Kingdom. However, in our special chapter on the country, we evaluate other trends such as the so-called "trading-up" phenomenon currently in evidence.

Our study offers a detailed assessment of the technical consumer goods segment and revealshow "click-and-mortar" retailers are catching up with online-only retailers in Europe.

From a pan-European perspective, the study also discusses key retail benchmarks such as retail turnover, sales area provision and the distribution of purchasing power. Whether you're an investor, project developer or retailer, our insights offer valuable support for your decision-making.

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