Analyze markets, pinpoint potential

Get detailed insights into your markets, target groups and potential with regionalized market data such as GfK Purchasing Power. Analyze, aggregate and compare this objective data with your company data on digital maps to pinpoint new potential.

By visualizing the trends and correlations in your data, you can react more quickly to weaknesses in your market development and better exploit new opportunities. Additionally, optimize your sales and marketing strategies by integrating external potential data on your specific industry, product offering, and target group.

Use our geodata for in-depth insights into your markets:


Embed data

Integrate our administrative and postcode maps into your GIS, CRM, ERP, BI system or data warehouse to get precise, error-free analyses.

Select from among more than 240 maps worldwide which are up-to-date, accurate, infinitely zoomable as well as available with a comprehensive, street-level coverage.


Verify information

Transform available data into added value by combining geodata with your own data.

So, you can verify theories and better understand complex correlations and patterns in data. Gain new meaningful insights that you can use to quickly make informed decisions.


Analyze data

Use GfK market data to carry out objective evaluations of your markets, turnover and locations.

These insights improve the value of your analyses, ensure the soundness of your sales optimizations and deliver answers to your location questions.


Enrich data

Want to know more about your target group and where you can reach them?

Combine your customer data with our regionalized data on demographic traits, residential surroundings and consumer lifestyles to create a detailed target group profile. This reveals the locations and distribution of your target group as well as your product demand by region.


Advertise location-based

Location-based insights provide unprecedented visibility into consumer behavior and competitive dynamics.

Target your audience with individual offerings according to their needs.


Make risk assessments

CRESTA zones are the most widely used geographical data aggregation standard by the global insurance industry – for analyzing, aggregating and exchanging risk-related insights.

Link your exposures to a worldwide boundary structure to pinpoint trends and then share results with unmatched accuracy.