Analyze markets, pinpoint potential

Our market data offers up-to-date insights on consumers, target groups, businesses, and potential. Our digital maps are the means by which you link and display these and other insights.

When used in combination with a mapping software, our geodata helps you exploit more market potential and optimize your operations.

How you benefit from our geodata:

  • Identify regions with high concentrations of your target group, and tailor your sales and marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Spot strengths and weaknesses in your sales structure, and then make adjustments to tap more market potential.

  • Evaluate your market coverage and spot threats from competitors.

  • Pinpoint markets and locations with high potential for your product or service.

We offer our market data for a diverse range of industries, from retail and finance, to consumer goods and fashion. Combine this data with our detailed digital maps for all your active markets.

This geomarketing approach makes it easy to...  

  • Visualize your branch network and compare regional turnover results.

  • Analyze your customer distribution and tailor your local offering accordingly.

  • Find out where you need new locations or retail partners to tap more market potential.

  • Determine your regional market share, and learn which distribution partners offer the best conditions for your offering.

Contact us to find out which combination of market data and digital maps works best for your needs.